Friday, August 26, 2011

Man Day

 With one of our good friend Travis Owen about to head back to Chicago for work we decided we needed a man day!  What is a man day lots of activities that involve beer, men and sports!  The crew of Matt and Jeff Annetts, Travis Owen, Eric Worth, Spencer Mortan and I did just that yesterday 8/25/11.  The day started off with a bike ride, then straight to mini golf at Snow King.  Once the mornings activities were over it was up to the lake.  Jackson Lake sits about 45 minutes north of Jackson in Grand Teton national Park.  travis has a boat he keeps on the lake so the 6 of us piled into his truck and with beer and sandwiches in hand up we went.  When we got to the lake there was a pretty good Teton thunderstorm in progress, and as the weather goes it cleared up in minutes and we had a perfetly calm Jackson Lake at our disposal.  After several games of "extreme" botchee ball and some swimming, it was time to get the board and skis out.  We all took turns wakeboarding and water skiing.  Then it was back to town for a BBQ and then the world famous Stagecoach for Disco night!  All in all a great day with the boys!!

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