Monday, January 14, 2013

Kicker Day

Tyler Horne drops a lincoln loop
Jackson has been stuck in a bit of a high pressure cold cycle.  Lots of days the temps have not been getting warmer than -10 F.  Tim Swartz and I decided to build ourselves a kicker in the backcountry of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to get some new tricks dialed.  We spent the better part of an entire day building, and then the next day when the sky's went blue we had our session.  The jump has a great background with the Jackson Valley and the Rock Springs Buttress in the background.  It was a fun poppy jump with an endless landing, perfect for dialing in some tricks.  Plenty of backflips, lincoln loops and 720's went down, all in all it was a great day having fun upside down in the air!
Nice looking booted
Tim Swartz lays out a backflip

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