Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pow Skiing Early Season!

Don, Jeff, Patrick and Tyler stoked after a big day
Its only December 14th, and already Jackson Hole and the surrounding mountains have received 171" of snow with a base depth of 66".  Every day since the mountain opened in late November there has been powder to be skied.  It feels like its already mid February.  You can jump off just about anything you want!  And the snow coverage feels just about as good as it ever got last year.  This being said, the early season which here is usually regulated to one icy strip of man made snow, has been game on.  Big lines are already being skied and large cliffs, which usually aren't ready to be hit until mid season have been getting hit!  Every one here has really tired legs and big smiles which is how it should always be!  With another large storm looming, this weekend promises to give us a bit more pow before the mass crowds of Christmas descend on the valley.  Here are a few pics from the last few days of POW skiing! 
Charging M&M Chute
Karen Coddaire deep pow in 4 Pines

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