Monday, December 6, 2010

Sledding to get Christmas Trees

 Since the winter in Jackson is off to such a roaring start we decided on Sunday 12/5 to get our Christmas trees via snowmobile.  Together with Lisa Watts, Don Watkins, Hadley Smith, Nial Overbay, and Sean Scarlett we headed up Teton Pass, and further up  Phillips Canyon.  The snow was deep, the sun was starting to poke through the clouds, and the trees were ripe for the cutting.  After sledding for about 20 min, we came to a very promising area.  We split up and set out to find just the right tree.  It wasn't to long before Lisa found the tree she had to have. Soon there after the others in the crew found the perfect trees.  After a few hours, a few beers and some pow turns on our sleds it was time to head out.  All in all every one came away with the perfect trees for Christmas 2010! 

The crew with Tree's in Tow
Tyler and Lisa celebrate a good tree
You think it will fit in the house?
Lisa Finds her prefect tree!

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