Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shred for Stevens Day

    One year ago today the ski industry lost 3 great people in an avalanche at Stevens Pass, Wa.  Chris Rudolph, Jim Jack and Johnny Brenan.  I never new Johnny, had meet Jim a handful of times at Freeski comps, but definitely considered Chris friend. I had skied, ridden downhill mtn bikes and of course drank PBR's with Chris many times.

     Today was a day to step put of your comfort zone, do something fun in the mountains, something you may not normally do with these three people on your minds.  Go out and have fun in the mountains, be safe, explore something new, keep the spirit alive.  This morning after getting cut from work, even though it was grey bird with storm clouds on the horizon, a group of us set out to ski St. Patty's Couloir in the Jackson Hole backcountry.  On the way we skied Once is Enough a steep cliffed run that last year our friend Sally Franklin took a fall in and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  This seemed like the proper thing to do.  Although the light was flat, the snow was great with powder top to bottom.  It was a great day celebrating our friends we lost one year ago today.  Of course we finished the day off the proper way, with a PBR.

    A great article was written in the New York Times chronicling the avalanche at Tunnel Creek, I definitely recommend giving it a read.


Stoked as Chris always was
Tim Swartz dropping into Once is Enough

At the Top of St. Patty's Couloir

Mid way down St. Patty's day

Dropping into the Womb

Tim Swartz exit's St. Patty's 

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