Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Recovering Tim's Ski

About 4 weeks ago my buddy and fellow Fischer Skis athlete Tim Swartz took a nasty fall in the Triple Cliff Zone of Cody Peak just outside the JHMR boundaries.  We were filming for an upcoming Fischer Team Video and Tim misjudged his line and took a nasty fall that left him a a baldly sprained ankle and LCL.  Also one of his skis became lodged mid cliff band.  We were able to see if but not get to it.  So yesterday was Tim's first day back on skis and we decided to bring climbing gear and repeal down to retrieve his ski.  Its been very warm in Jackson for the last week or so and some of the massive cornices that linger atop Cody Peak have been falling apart.  We set up a T anchor well back from the edge, and I was able to belay Tim down to retrieve his ski.  It was a fun adventure in 50 degree heat that winter has turned into in Jackson.  There are more pictures on my Facebook page.

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